Button Bowl

I am still on my button kick.  This time I decided to make a button bowl.  This button bowl was inspired by a Pinterest pin.  Since this is my first attempt at a button bowl, I decided to down size to a much smaller bowl.

Small bowl
Aluminum foil
Tacky adhesive
Mod Podge Hard Coat
Clear finish gloss

I wrapped the bowl in aluminum foil, making sure to cover the entire inside surface.  I then brushed a thin layer of tacky adhesive over the aluminum foil.   Next I used buttons of various sizes to line the inside of the bowl, leaving as little negative space as possible.  The tacky adhesive kept the buttons from sliding around while I experimented with the placement of the buttons until I fit the different buttons together, like pieces of a puzzle.

Once the entire inside of the bowl was covered with buttons, I brushed on a layer of the Mod Podge Hard Coat over the buttons, making sure to cover all of the buttons.  I applied several layers of the Hard Coat, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next.  I did this over the course of 3 days.

Once the final layer of the Hard Coat dried, I carefully removed the button layer from the glass bowl–the aluminum foil will still be attached to the button bowl at this point.  Next, I carefully peeled off the aluminum foil–it peeled off quite easily.  I used a pair of trimming scissors to trim off any excess Hard Coat.

 Finally, I applied a couple of coats of clear gloss finish…

This is the final product…

I love my little button bowl!

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