Despicable Me Minion Twinkies

My little one is obsessed with the minions from Despicable Me (1 & 2).  So much so that this year’s theme for her 5th birthday is….(drumroll please)…DESPICABLE ME MINIONS!

I have so many minion projects running amok in my head–everything from cupcakes, to piñatas, to balloons, to invites, to decorations.

Here is one that is super cute and super easy–THE MINION TWINKIE!! Because you can’t look at a Twinkie without thinking “hey, kinda shaped like a minion.”


color printer
clear tape

Twinkie Wrap_Resized


First, I did a Google search for a template of the minion’s overalls and goggles.  I found the goggles HERE and the overalls HERE.  I copied the images onto one page and resized them to fit a Twinkie. I suppose you can measure a Twinkie.  I eyeballed it.  Next, I used a color printer to print the images on card stock.  Each printed page of the above template makes four little outfits.

Using sharp scissors, I carefully cut out the overalls and goggles.  Once I cut the images out, I carefully folded back the arms on the goggles and tabs on the overalls to better fit my Twinkie.
Finally, using clear tape, I secured the goggles and overalls to the wrapped Twinkie.   The end result is a super cute minion dressed Twinkie.

I love it!  These will make for a fun little treat to be displayed on the party table.

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