Despicable Me Minion Birthday Party Game

My little one recently celebrated her 5th birthday.  We had a Minion (from “Despicable Me) themed birthday party.  One of my favorite birthday party games is pin the tail on the donkey.  Well, here is my “minion-ized” (totally not a real word!!) version of the game:  Pin the Eyes on the Minion!!

Yellow poster board (1)
White poster board (1)
Black poster board (1)
White construction paper (1)
Glue stick (craft bond)
Large bowl (for tracing)
Writing tool (for tracing)

I cut the yellow poster board into 3 equal pieces. Using a bowl, I traced a semi-circle onto one of the pieces, creating the ever so familiar minion body shape.
I cut the shape out and used it as a template, tracing the same minion shape onto a second piece of the yellow poster board.  (I did the same for the 3rd piece and later used that 3rd piece as party decoration!)
Once I cut out that second piece, I had 2 minion shaped pieces.  See it!!
I measured and cut 2 strips of the black poster board, approximately 3 inches or so (I kinda eyeballed it and so should you!) thick and the exact width of the minion shapes.  These will be the goggle straps.  I approximated where the eyeballs/goggles  of the minions would be and used a craft bond glue stick to secure the straps onto the shapes.
I then glued the 2 minion shaped pieces onto a white poster board.  I had a little fun with the placement.  Obviously, you can place them whatever way floats your boat.
Using more of the black poster board and some white construction paper, I cut out the general shape of a mouth (using the black), a top row of teeth (using the white construction paper) and some minion-style hair (using the black).  For the mouth, I glued the teeth onto the mouth shape, creating that familiar minion smile!  For the minion style hair, I glued only the “roots” of the hair to the board.  This allowed me to pull up the tips of the hair, creating a little 3-D effect.  Cute!!!
Using THIS MINIONS\ GOGGLES PRINT-OUT, I sized the images so that the proportions would match the size of my minion faces (again, I eyeball it and so should you!!).  Print and cut-out enough eyes/goggles for all of the kids attending the party.  To be safe, I cut out way more than I actually needed.  Better to have too many than not enough!  : )
This is what it will look like IF the kids manage to “pin” the eyes/goggles correctly.
Love it!

I used clear adhesive dots on the back of the eyes/goggles.  You can also use double stick tape.

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