Paper Shirt

I recently made some invites for a Girl Scout event.  I wanted to somehow incorporate the uniform worn by the Scouts (a white shirt and a vest) into the invite.  I quickly realized this required that I learn how to make a shirt out of paper.  I am NOT a fan of origami!  I just can’t wrap my mind around the countless meticulous folds required in order to make something sorta recognizable.  Well, I did some research, watched a couple of origami videos (torture!!!!) and experimented and practiced until I simplified the process and mastered making a paper shirt in 6 step!!!   Yep, 6 STEPS!!!

Paper Shirt (FINAL)

Sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper (the type and color is totally up to you!)

QUICK NOTE:  For the purposes of this tutorial, I colored a 1 inch stripe across the top, backside of the paper (this will make it easier to understand the step-by-step).

backside of the paper


STEP 1:  Fold paper in half.  This will serve as a reference mark, so your fold does not have to be a “hard” fold.  I did a hard fold because a soft fold does not show well in pictures and I wanted you to see what I did.

STEP 1: fold paper in 1/2
STEP 1: frontside of the paper, with fold mark
STEP 2:   Fold left and right sides of the paper towards the center fold line.
STEP 2: fold sides towards the center fold mark
STEP 3:  Fold top 1 inch of the paper towards the backside of the paper.
Frontside of paper after completing STEP 3
backside of the paper after completing STEP 3

STEP 4: Making sure the folded 1 inch flap is facing your work surface, now fold in the top left and right corners towards your center fold mark.  Fold it at an angel, making sure the tips meet.  This creates the shirt collar!

STEP 4: Making the “Collar”
STEP 4:  Completed “Collar”
STEP 5:  Turn your bottom folds out!  Hmmm…does that make sense?  Fold your bottom flaps out, at an angle.  Perhaps that makes more sense.  Just look at the picture below!  🙂   This creates your shirt sleeves.
STEP 5: Turn your bottom flaps out!
STEP 5: Making the “Sleeves”


STEP 6:  Fold the bottom of your paper (your “sleeves”) towards the top of your paper (your “collar”), making sure to tuck the fold under your “collar”.  Again, look at the picture below.  🙂

STEP 6:  Cute Paper Shirt!

You now have a super cute paper shirt!  You can make this in any size and color.  You are limited only by your imagination.  The possibilities are endless!!  Ok, I know…calm down, it’s only a paper shirt.  But I MADE THIS paper shirt, darn it, and THAT makes me happy!!!!   🙂

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