Paper Plate Flower

The party is over and now you are stuck with more paper plates than any one household should have.  Now what?  Well,  here is quick and simple fun craft for kids.

Paper Plate Flower


Paper plate–(I used small, 7″ white plate)

Sheets of white paper

Glue (Elmer’s)
Color paper for the flower’s center

The petals are made by cutting several sheets of white paper into petal shaped pieces. No template needed.  Just free hand it!  Be sure to cutout the petals in varying widths and lengths.  Once your petals are cutout, you might want to sort them into two general piles…long and shorter.


Squeeze a ring of glue around the entire outer edge of the plate. Next, lay down a layer of petals along the outer edge of the plate, using the longer petals.  Once you are done with the first layer of petals, squeeze a ring of glue on top of the first layer of petals.


Now, lay down a second layer of petals–try to use the shorter petals.  You also want to avoid lining up your petal layers.  The petal layers should be centered between 2 petals of the previous layer.  I hope that makes sense.  Look at the photo above.  🙂

Continue to build the layers, filling the entire plate, or until you achieve your desired flower fullness.  I stopped after 3 layers of petals.

Using color paper of your choice, cutout a large circle shaped piece, making sure it is big enough to cover the edges of the underlying petals.  Glue it onto the center of the flower and TA-DAAAA!!!  A lovely, super easy, super cute paper plate flower.  Oh, the things you could do with these!!


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