Despicable Me Minion Party Cups

So, my most popular posts/tutorials are those about our cute little Minion friends.  Well, here is another quick and simple idea to further “minion-ize” your Despicable Me Minion Birthday Party.

Minion Party Cups

MATERIALS:  yellow cups, blue cups, double sided tape, and this template for Minion Goggles


This will literally take minutes.

First, print and cut out minion goggles.

Next, stack your yellow and blue cups so that blue cups are at the bottom (representing the blue overalls) and yellow cups are at the top  (representing the minion’s head).

Last, using double sided tape, glue the goggles onto the top yellow cup.

Done!!  Your stack of party cups is now “minion-ized”!  It looks absolutely adorable!

Wish I had a better picture of our “minion-ized” party cups, but I think you get the general idea.

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