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Batman Messenger Bag

Ever wonder what to do with those old bedsheets?  I say recycle them into a cool messenger bag!!

This bag was totally inspired by the  WHITNEY SEWS MESSENGER BAG DIY .  I cannot possibly improve on this video.  It is thorough and easy to follow.  I have never ever sewn a messenger bag before.  This is my FIRST attempt.  Her tutorial made it all possible.

I recycled vintage Batman flat sheet gifted to me by my mother-in-law.

Don’t be intimidated!  Instead, be inspired!

Thank you Whitney!


Batman Messenger Bag (Front)

Batman Messenger Bag (Front)


Paper Plate Flower

The party is over and now you are stuck with more paper plates than any one household should have.  Now what?  Well,  here is quick and simple fun craft for kids.

Paper Plate Flower

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Button Bowl

I am still on my button kick.  This time I decided to make a button bowl.  This button bowl was inspired by a Pinterest pin.  Since this is my first attempt at a button bowl, I decided to down size to a much smaller bowl.

Beach Button Art

My fabulous and CRAFTY mother-in-law has the ultimate button collection.  I find myself drawn to these buttons like glitter to glue. Fortunately for me, she is extremely generous with her buttons.  The end result is that I have tons of buttons.  For the longest time the buttons just sat and waited.  Although I loved the buttons, I just wasn’t inspired to do anything with them.

Then it happened.  One night I had a dream I was sitting at my crafting table, surrounded by boxes of buttons when all of a sudden, the boxes/buttons came crashing down on me, killing me.  Oh my!! My epitaph read, “SHE NEVER USED THE BUTTONS!”  So, I am on a button craze in the hopes of cheating the button reaper and avoiding the death by buttons thing. Continue reading