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The Crafty Crazy

Those who know me know how much I love all things crafty.  What started out as a hobby has evolved into a full blown obsession.  Yes, obsession!!!

What started out as my daughter’s playroom has now been hijacked and transformed into my crafting room.  She tolerates my presence as long as I allow her unfettered access to all of my crafting supplies. I’m ok with that because she is a chip off the old block and loves crafting too.  The husband, on the other hand, is clearing out the basement for me in the hopes I move shop.  He thinks I’m crazy and need to be locked away.

My household and family serve as my inspiration.  My little girl is 5.  I have 3 cats and 3 dogs.  My husband is a techno geek, science nut and hater of crafts stores.  LOL  My extended family is populated with doctors, lawyers, teachers, tree huggers, travelers, hoarders and even a few rocket scientists.  This all makes for a crazy, hectic, but also comical life that I would not trade for all the glue and glitter in the world.  🙂

So why “THE CRAFTY CRAZY”?  Well, it’s simple really.  I am CRAFTY and my husband often calls me CRAZY.  So, why not embrace it.  He suggested I start a site where I can “share my crafts with the world.”  In truth, I suspect he is hoping by creating this site I’ll stop torturing him with my constant craft chatter.  Epic fail on that one because now I get to torture him with constant crafty blog chatter.  Not to mention he is also my official crafts photographer.  So HA!!!

Well, I’m excited about the site and look forward to sharing my projects, both the good and the bad.

Happy crafting!